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Yitzhak Yedid wins a Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship


Composer and pianist Yitzhak Yedid has won a Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship,

worth $160,000 over a two-year period.

The Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships recognise outstanding talent and exceptional courage.

The funding is not tied to a specific outcome.

Event in Melboune on 15 March, 2018



Yitzhak Yedid  

    Since my Soul Loved (2007)

for violin, viola, cello, bass & piano   


30 AUG 2018

Brisbane, Australia  



Yitzhak Yedid SOLO 


     @ NEXUS ARTS   


02 JUNE 2018

Adelaide, Australia  


Yitzhak Yedid & THE ConKlezmer Orchestra   


12 July 2018

Brisbane, Australia 



Yitzhak Yedid  


    Commissined work for 13 wind Instruments   
Commissioned by: Australia National Academy of Music (ANAM) 
Ensembles: 1. ANAM, 2. Hobart Wind Symphony & Simon Reade  

-International soloists together with ANAM musicians (VIC) 
-Hobart Wind Symphony with conductor Simon Reade (TAS) 

International soloists: 
Nick Deutsch - Oboe 
Dimitri Ashkenazy- Clarinet 
Wally Hase - Flute 
Lyndon Watts - Bassoon 
Marie Luise Neuenecker - Horn 


12 SEP 2018

Melbourne, Australia  





  Blessings & Curses   

    Commissioned by Christian Lindberg

          & NK Orchestra 


Christian Lindberg - Conductor

The Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra

26 Oct 2017

Kibutz Dorot, Israel


27 Oct 2017

Kibutz Ein Horesh, Israel


28 Oct 2017

Kibutz Givat Brener, Israel


29 Oct 2017

Bait Gabriel, Israel


31 Oct 2017

Netanya, Israel


1 Nov 2017

Tel Aviv, Israel


2 Nov 2017

Naharia, Israel


3 Nov 2017

Mizrah, Israel



Yitzhak Yedid Trio 


    Brisbane Jazz Club 


18 Nov 2017

Brisbane, Australia  


Yitzhak Yedid: Delusions of War

   for 22 string soloists 

Isreali Music Festival opening gala concert 

24 September 2017


NK Orchestra

Noam Zor - Conductor 

Hifa, Israel ​


Yitzhak Yedid: Chad Gadya (one little goat) 

    Quartet for clarinet, viooin, cello & piano  


15 October 2017

Luke Carbon (Clarinrt), Tiffany Cheng (violin), Gemma Tomlinson (cello) , James Ball (piano) 


Temple Beth Israel

76-82 Alma Road, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia 



Yitzhak Yedid: Piano concerto

   for Michael Kieran Harvey


Michael Kieran Harvey - Piano

Conductor: maestro Revaz Javakhishvili


Tel Aviv Soloists

18 May 2017
20 May 2017


Tel Aviv, Israel


Yitzhak Yedid: Master class 

    Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance 

With Michael Kieran Harvey 

16 May 2017

Jerusalem, Israel


Yitzhak Yedid 

  with ConKlezmer Orchestra 

    Brisbane Jazz Club 


25 May 2017

Brisbane, Australia  



Yitzhak Yedid: Chad Gadya 

    Commissioned by Stadbroke Chamber Music Festival 


New work for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

(William Stafford, clarinet; Rachel Smith, violin; Louise King, cello; Ayesha Gough, piano)


30 July 2017

2 pm, Dunwich Public Hall

QLD, Australia 


Yitzhak Yedid

    Arabic violin, cello, piano Trio


Atar trio: Ofer Shelly (piano), Tanya Beltser (violin), Kristina Reiko Cooper (Cello)


3 Mar 2017

Tel Aviv, Israel Eretz Israel Museum Link ⇒

11 Mar 2017

Beit Jamal, Israel Beit Jamal Monastery Link ⇒

19 Mar 2017

Jerusalem, Israel Magnificat Institute Link ⇒

26 Mar 2017

Reading, PA .US Jewish Federation Link ⇒

27 Mar 2017

Reading, PA .US Youth chamber music workshop Link ⇒

29 Mar 2017

Baltimore, USAND DIE MUSIC Link ⇒

1 Apr 2017

Manhattan, NY, US Historic Manhattan Seventh-day Church Link ⇒

2 Apr 2017

Chicago, US Spertus Institute Link ⇒

3 Apr 2017

Valparaiso, US Valparaiso University Link ⇒

6 Apr 2017

Chicago, US KAM Isaiah Israel Link ⇒

21 Jun 2017

Kiriyat Shemona, Israel Mar-ah Theater Link ⇒

15 Jun 2017

Chicago, US KAM Isaiah Israel Link ⇒

21 Jun 2017

Tel Aviv, IL Link ⇒

04 Dec 2017



Yitzhak Yedid

    Angels' Revolt  


Commissioned solo piano work for

the Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition & Festival

The competition provides an exceptional opportunity for pianists aged 16 to 30 to compete for

international recognition, future concert engagements and over $50,000 in cash and prizes.

1-15 Sep 2017

Brisbane, Australia 







Yitzhak Yedid: Piano concerto

    World premiere, commissned new concerto

Michael Kieran Harvey - Piano

Graeme Jennings - Conductor


Divertimenti String Orchestra

6 Oct 2016

Brisbane, Australia




Yitzhak Yedid : The Crying Souls

    Lament for Syrian war Victims

    Choral piece

21 May 2016

Benefit concert for Syrian refugees,

Vermont, USA



Yitzhak Yedid

    Visions, Fantasies and Dances

   music for String Quartet

Koch String Quartet

Munich, Germany

8 July 2016
10 July 2016
11 July 2016
14 July 2016
18 July 2016



Yitzhak Yedid: Sensations

    Piano trio

Tokyo Piano Trio tours in Australia

September 17, 2016

Septemper 19, 2016

September 21, 2016

Japan & Australia


Yom Hashoah Concert

Yitzhak Yedid - solo piano

10 July 2016

Brisbane, Australia



Yitzhak Yedid Trio

    Brisbane Jazz Club 


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday, Sep 24, 2016 

Brisbane, Australia  



  Duo Ras Dashen

       Abate Berihun & Yitzhak Yedid 

    Tel Aviv Jazz Festival    


Thursday, Nov 26, 2015 


Tel Aviv, Israel 





     Yitzhak Yedid: Arabic Violin Bass Piano Trio 

Seattle, Cornish College of the Arts


Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 

Monday, Nov 15, 2015


Seattle, USA 




 Yitzhak Yedid: ConKlezmer Orchestra  



Thursday, Oct 26, 2015 

Sunday, Nov 1, 2015 

Sunday, Nov 15, 2015

Sunday, Dec 6, 2015


QLD, Australia 




     Yitzhak Yedid: Out to Infinity (solo harp) 


Grace Kikuchi - Harp   

Nov 1, 2015


Yitzhak Yedid: Out to Infinity (2009) 

Ian Hanger Recital Hall




     Yitzhak Yedid: Myth of the Cave 

Australian National Academy of Music


For Clarinet, Bass and Piano

Friday, Oct 30, 2015 

Saturday, Oct 31, 2015


Melbourne, Australia 



Yitzhak Yedid Solo Piano Recital

Monash 50th celebrations

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music


Sep 24, 2015, 6.00pm 

Sep 24, 2015, Composer workshop 


Melbourne, Australia  


KAWAI Piano Series  

     Yitzhak Yedid SOLO

Yitzhak Yedid : piano

April 29, 2015, 6.00pm 



1. Tachanun Suite (ca. 25 minutes)

2. Clowns at night (inspired by Marc Chagall’s Les saltimbanques dans la nuit – Chagall 1957). (7 minutes)  

3. Memories (ca. 7 minutes)

4. Weird Dabka. (ca 7 minutes)


Ian Hanger Recital Hall

Brisbane, Australia




Tanna Schulich Hall

     Yitzhak Yedid: Out to Infinity (solo harp) 


Mesissa Achten - Harp 

May 4, 2015


Yitzhak Yedid: Out to Infinity (2012) 

Montreal, QC,





Kol Ha'Musika, Israel Broadcast Authority

     Yitzhak Yedid : Music for String Quartet


Sapphire String Quartet

April 30, 2015, 5.00pm 


  Janna Gandelman 1st violin

  Roman Spitzer 2nd violin 

  Amos Boasson Viola 

  Oleg Stolpner Cello


Programme: Yitzhak Yedid Visiions, Fantasies and Dances (48 minutes)






The New Israeli Vocal Ensemble

    Yitzhak Yedid: The Crying Souls  


A capella choir 


May 15, 2015

May 17, 2015


Tel Aviv Museaum 

Ra'anana Theatre 




Australian Tour

        Duo Ras Dashen  


May 31, 2015: Perth, Carmel Hall 7:00 pm

June 2, 2015: The Melboune International Jazz Festival


June 3, 2015: SIMA, Foundary 616


BOOKINGS : Phone 9211 9442


June 4, Workshop QCGU

June 7, 2015: Brisbane Jazz Club 




European tour 

Yitzhak Yedid SOLO 

Dates: Dec 1-14,2015

Venues: TBA  




The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

     Yitzhak Yedid: Delusions of War 

Yitzhak Yedid: Delusions of War (2014) 

Feb 18, 2015, 8:00pm

Jerusalm Theatre 

Henry Crawn Symphony Hall 




Violin (Arabic violin) Concerto

     World premiere   

Yitzhak Yedid: Violin Concerto 


October 2015 

More details TBA




Yom Hashoa concert

April 19, 2015, 


Brisbane, Australia 





Hullegeb Festival

     Duo Ras Dahsen

Yitzhak Yedid and Abate Berihun 

Dec. 10, 2014,  8:30pm

Confedartion House  

Jerusalem, Israel 




Divertimenti String Orchestra

     Yitzhak Yedid: Dellusions of Wara  

Yitzhak Yedid: Dellusiosn of War (2014)

Graeme Jennings - Conductor 

Oct 16, 2014

Ian Hanger Recital Hall

Brisbane, Australia  



Australian Tour 

    Yitzhak Yedid: Myth of the Cave   

Yitzhak Yedid: Myth of the Cave 

François Houle (clarinet); Yitzhak Yedid (piano), Sam Pankhurst (double Bass)


Sydney: Wed, Feb 5. 7.30pm.  

VJ’s (North Shore Temple Emanuel). 28 Chatswood Avenue,  Chatswood

First set: Yitzhak Yedid’s Myth of the Cave; Second set: New works for trio


Canberra: Fri, Feb 7. 8.00pm. 

SoundOut Festival. Smiths Alternative Bookshop, 76 Alinga St Canberra City. 

Ph: 02 6247 4459  

First set ‘Aerials’ solo; Second set with Psithurism Trio

(John Porter, Rhys Butler, Richard Johnson; Saxophones) 


Brisbane: Sat, Feb 8. 8pm.

Brisbane Jazz Club. 1 Anne St Kangaroo Point.

First set: Yitzhak Yedid’s Myth of the Cave; Second set: New works for trio 


Melbourne: Mon, Feb 10.  6pm 

Melbourne Recital Centre, The Salon. 31 Sturt St Southbank

Tickets: Standard $38 - Concession $28 -

Yitzhak Yedid’s Myth of the Cave 




Haunted, Stage Music to a play by D. Karasik 

Touchstone Theatre, Vanvcouver, Canada 

Duration: 65 minutes

Directed by K. Dunn,

Presented by the Chutzpah! Festival

Premier performance: Chutzpah Festival, March 2013

February 27th - March 3rd 2013

Rothstein Theatre, Canada

Vancouver BC, Canada 







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